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A fire in 1697 destroyed a large section of the building which was later rebuilt and re-opened in 1700. Therefore, the convent as it stands today dates from the 18th century. It has two large courtyards in the characteristic style of monastic cloisters of Canary Islands, which consist of wooden galleries. There is also a third narrow open space at the rear of the building in the same style as the ones described above. In the area bordering calle Anchieta is located the so-called Beaterio, which is a set of private cells used by the nuns.

Worth noting in the exterior is the ajimez or enclosed balcony in Mudejar style, which dates from 1717. The church has one single nave with a rectangular chancel, which is reached through a semi-circular arch. The choir is particularly interesting with its Mudejar octagonal roof construction. Its almizate or wood ceiling panel has a golden relief depicting Saint Francis and Saint Clare that was made in the first quarter of the 18th century.

Santa Clara Monastery has been a Cultural Heritage Asset under the Monument category since 27 January 1978.