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The main Guaguas/Bus station is known as INTERCAMBIADOR and connects La Laguna with all the villages in the north of the island. It includes a direct service to the North Airport and to Santa Cruz.

From the bus station in Santa Cruz you can get buses travelling to the villages in the south of the island.

This public scheduled service is provided by the Titsa company

  • Guaguas/Bus Company – TITSA (here)
  • Historic Centre Main Station – INTERCAMBIADOR (here)
  • Travel Cards (here)
Bus 015Santa Cruz(Intercambiador)-La Laguna( Intercambiador)
Bus 020Aerobús Santa Cruz- Intercambiador de La Laguna- Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte
Bus 050La Laguna-Tegueste-Bajamar- Punta del Hidalgo
Buss 051/57Circular La Laguna- Tejina-Tacoronte-La Laguna
Bus 076La Laguna – Afur
Bus 077La Laguna – Bailadero
Bus 270La Laguna – Las Mercedes (Las Canteras)
Bus 271La Laguna – Las Mercedes (Cruz de los Álamos)
Bus 273La Laguna – Cruz del Carmen
Bus 274La Laguna – Batán
Bus 275La Laguna – Taborno
Bus 101Santa Cruz- Puerto de la Cruz (Pasa por el Intercambiador de La Laguna)
Bus 102/103Santa Cruz, Intercambiador de La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz
Bus 105Santa Cruz-La Laguna-Punta del Hidalgo
Bus 108Santa Cruz- Icod de los Vinos (Pasa por el Intercambiador de La Laguna)
Bus 224La Laguna-Valle Guerra – Punta del Hidalgo
OtherThere are other buses that run through the historic complex and the nearby neighborhoods 201,203, …