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Christmas in San Cristóbal de La Laguna means warmth returning to people’s heart, generously sharing with the others.

Thousands of Christmas decorations and many Parrandas de Los Divinos [Christmas music groups] wishing us a merry Christmas.

Here we also enjoy the tradition of Nativity scenes (belén), arts and crafts by the people of every continent through which they have expressed in many different ways the event that took place in that land called Belén [Bethlehem]. What’s Christmas? It is the emotion for the past, courage in the present and hope in the future. It is the most sincere wish to have every plate filled with food, with rich and everlasting blessings, and to hope for every path to lead us to a Merry, Merry Christmas when we remember our childhood hopes, our grandpa, the joys of youth. A Christmas that guides travellers to the warmth of a fireplace and a sweet home!

Christmas brings memories and customs. La Laguna experiences and enjoys Christmas.

We see our children enjoying the Cabalgata de Reyes [The Three Wise Men Parade] as they hope Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar do not forget them, an especially, don’t give them coal as a present.

If you wish to enjoy a lovely warm Christmas, San Cristóbal de La Laguna and its surrounding areas will make you feel at home.