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Hiking is a relaxing activity that brings walkers close to nature and to the ethnographic and heritage elements typical of an area. Footpaths are often traditional routes, trails used in seasonal migrations, paths used by the locals to go to their farmlands, etc. Their use is currently controlled and in the case of Anaga, signposts include information on level of difficulty, type of path, etc.

Through Las Mercedes you can reach their signposts include Rural de Anaga, which is a protected area that includes several Natural Reserves like Pijaral, Ijuana and Roques de Anaga. Designated Biosphere Reserve, it has areas which are especially protected for birds as well as the Monte de Aguirre, an old laurel forest with restricted access. The Visitors Centre is in La Cruz del Carmen and it provides information and interpretation of the area. Apart from personalised help, they have videos and permanent exhibitions.

The municipality has an ADEAC 2014 blue label footpath, which is currently being improved.

Some recommendations for hiking include checking for possible weather alerts, getting information on the conditions of the path and walking in company or letting family or friends know the route you are taking. As sometimes these are rough areas, they are usually foggy so you should wear suitable clothing. And you can always make the most of your visit and try local products too!