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A wide range of festivals take place in the municipality throughout the year. Every village has its own. Many of these festivals are Cultural Heritage Assets as they faithfully portray our traditions. They attract an increasing number of participants every year, which makes them even more attractive to visitors. San Isidro is on 15 May and because he was a peasant, he is regarded as the patron saint of farmers and is worshipped in many villages, where they hold processions, known as romería, to have their fields blessed. They are a re-enactment of the Guanche beñesmen, which was a thanksgiving ceremony for the harvest. Places where they are held include El Pico, Valle de Guerra, Las Mercedes and Guamasa. In June, different festivals are held to honour San Juan. In Punta del Hidalgo he is popularly known as San Juanito. On the 23rd an Eucharist is held followed by a procession from San Mateo Church to his chapel on the coast. A music group livens up the walk and at night corncobs are roasted in bonfires. This festival also takes place in Bajamar.

Another event in Bajamar is the festival of Santísimo Cristo del Gran Poder de Dios, which is held in the third week in August. There are different religious and festive events, like the Folklore Festival, the Cuban festival or the Drag Queen Election Gala. In September, the Festival is in honour of San Mateo Apóstol in Punta del Hidalgo and again, it is a combination of religious and festive activities. Noteworthy is the Parade of the Haragán (a rag dummy stuffed with firecrackers that go off when it is set on fire) which marks the end of the festive period.