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Welcome to Parque Rural de Anaga!

Located in the northeast of the island in a unique natural area, it was designated Natural Park because of its landscape and the relevant traditional activities carried out in the area. It is one of the zones of highest ecologic value in Tenerife because of its geologic formations and the great biodiversity it hosts, a reason that led to it being designated Biosphere Reserve.

In addition to its extraordinary laurel forests, in the Parque Rural de Anaga there are countless hamlets that harmoniously blend with the landscape and have a small number of residents who work the land and do other activities.

No doubt, the best way of getting to know a people and their culture is by meeting the locals and sharing with them their traditions and lifestyle. You are welcome to walk down the many footpaths dotting the hills of La Laguna, some of which start at the summit while others begin on the coast.