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Different romerías take place in July including Romería de San Benito Abad, on the second Sunday of the month. It has been declared of national tourist interest and it is the only one to feature under the regional category. It is a very popular festival where people are dressed in traditional local costume and sing folklore songs while offering local food to bystanders. It clearly resembles the Guanche beñesmén (a thanksgiving ceremony they held at the beginning of summer).

It originated when our ancestors asked the Saint for much needed rain in San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Since then, this festival has been held and San Benito has become protector and keeper of fields and cattle. 

Nowadays, there is a misa romera (mass) that includes a flower tribute and where cattle are blessed; and then the romería parade starts. The entourage of the Saint is quite eye-catching as it is made up by 7 women wearing the typical dress of each of the islands.