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At just 16 km from La Laguna town centre and 15 km from the North Airport, this spot blends fishing tradition with the chance to be a tourist in a village with no mass tourism. There are many different options to enjoy the sea and the spectacular countryside around the village.

La Punta (as the locals call it) is the result of a volcanic episode that took place after the formation of the Macizo de Anaga. It originated this lower island with a rocky coastline and an extensive intertidal zone of high ecological value, different from any other in the northern coastline.

Thanks to the accommodation available, even right at the seafront, you can enjoy its pleasant, attractive and unique surroundings which include a modern lighthouse (starting point of the blue footpath) and Roque de los Dos Hermanos as main features in this area.

Worth taking into account are the natural pool of “El Arenisco” plus the natural pools in the area of Las Furnias and the pebble beaches dotting the coast, El Arenal, El Roquete, Los Troches, where the locals have traditionally come for a swim.

Near these unique places you can enjoy typical Canarian cuisine with a wide range of fresh fish and shellfish served in traditional places like the Cofradía de Pescadores [Fishermen Association], to be found by the small port that has kept the charm of the typical fishing culture of the area.

Capilla de La Virgen del Carmen or “de La Hoya” (Punta del Hidalgo)

This unusual chapel was built in 1925 to honour Virgen del Carmen de la Hoya. It has undergone different reforms as its initial dome and belfry were removed and replaced by a cross.  Its door and the sides are made of glass and it is currently painted in traditional indigo and white.