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Tenerife has lowered its alert level from 3 to 2. Thus, restrictions on entry and exit of people to the  island are lifted and the restriction on freedom of movement starts at 11 p.m.  

Tenerife’s good data, where the accumulated incidence of coronavirus has decreased to less than 50 cases per  100,000 inhabitants in that period, have enabled to lower the alert. 

Tenerife has halved the accumulated incidence during 7 days and shows an incidence of less than 50 cases of  coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants in that period. The island has now alert level 2. Among other measures, this  means that those restrictions of people to entry and exit to the island have been lifted and the restriction on  movement during night-time hours now starts at 11 p.m.

Despite of this change of alarm level in Tenerife and as established by the national authorities, a diagnostic test  of active infection (PDIA) still has to be presented as it was requested so far.

The new measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Tenerife are:

– Limitation of people’s freedom of movement at night. People’s freedom of movement will be limited at night  from 11 pm to 6 am on a daily basis.

– Public and private spaces: limited capacity for those who do not live together Groups of people are limited  to 4 persons, except for cohabitants. Groups that include both live-in and non-live-in persons shall not exceed 4  persons.

– Specific measures for hotel and catering services: restaurants, terraces, bars and cafés. Four (4) people is the  maximum number of diners per table and the establishment will close to the public before 11.00 pm. On terraces  or outdoor spaces linked to the establishment, those activities such as dancing, karaoke, etc., that do not  promote interpersonal safety distance or the use of face masks, are prohibited.

– Practice of sports A maximum number of 4 people per group, including the instructor, is allowed for collective  activities indoors of sports facilities and centres where it is not possible to keep the safety distance of 2 metres  at all times.

Likewise, outdoors it is not allowed to practice team sports and those sport disciplines or exercises during which  this distance cannot be kept at all times. For group activities where the safety distance of 2 metres cannot be  permanently kept, a maximum of 4 people is respectively allowed per group, including the instructor.

– Hospitals and social-health care centres. Visits will be limited and will have to be supervised by staff. Likewise,  the established prevention measures will be increased. In addition, the staff of these centres who have direct  contact with patients shall use FFP2 type masks and face shields. It is also recommended to reinforce ventilation.

– Public transport services. The capacity of regular urban and metropolitan land public transport is reduced by  50%. Surveillance of urban land transport will be stepped up at peak times to avoid build-ups. At peak times,  avoid the use of public transport for non-essential or journeys which can be postponed. It is recommended to  increase the frequency of public transport schedules, ensuring adequate ventilation and the compliance with  prevention measures such as not eating or drinking in the public transport and the proper use of the mask. Turismo de Tenerife