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This is the main entrance to the Parque Rural de Anaga. Las Mercedes has always had rich soils. In their time, the Guanches (Tenerife pre-Hispanic native inhabitants) used it as farming lands.

Located in the north of the municipality, half-way between the town centre and the Country Park, it boasts one of the most beautiful viewpoints, Jardina.

Its agricultural nature and geographical situation, as connection between the coast, Anaga, and the town determines its local peculiarities as seen in their deeply rooted customs, festivals and food.

Their food, which is based on good harvests and cattle, is one of the richest in the municipality. Visitors or travellers can enjoy different typical dishes like carnes a la brasa (grilled meat), local cheese, escaldones de gofio, or garbanzas compuestas [chickpea stew], all washed down with Anaga wines in different restaurants and guachinches on the side of the road that leads to La Cruz del Carmen. Nearby, you will see La Gangochera de Anaga that offers visitors local food and drink plus handicrafts.