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Barranco de Milán Archaeological Site. On 14 November 2006 “El Barranco de Agua de Dios” was designated Cultural Heritage Asset, under the Archaeological Site category. It is located in the municipalities of Tegueste and San Cristóbal de La Laguna, which delimit its protection area.


The Archaeological Site starts at the head of the ravine in the municipality of Tegueste, and runs down to Tejina, where it is called Barranco de Milán. It has a wide bed that is slightly steeper on the left side. From an archaeological perspective, this was a permanent Guanche settlement, as the large number of openings suggest. According to the Archaeological Chart of both municipalities, there are some thirty natural dwelling and burial caves. Common features in all of them is that they have been reused up to the present time, their archaeological evidence is on the surface, feature stratigraphic refilling and are difficult to access. Due to human pressure some areas of the site have suffered systematic pillaging because they are very near to a village or town, as in the case of Tejina.